1. Total Football Parquet Courts 4:02
  2. Tony Adams Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros 6:33
  3. Theme from Sparta F.C. #2 The Fall 3:51
  4. If The Kids Are United Sham 69 3:44
  5. Chelsea Dagger The Fratellis 3:34
  6. Hardcore Hooligan The Business 1:38
  7. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft The wedding Present 4:10
  8. The Drug Is Football Vanilla Muffins 2:19
  9. Goal Goal Goal James 3:24
  10. And David Seaman Won't Be Very Happy About That The Lillies 5:18
  11. Teenage Kicks The Undertones 2:26
  12. God's Footballer Billy Bragg 3:04
  13. Road to Hell Italia 90 2:42
  14. L'équipe C Justine 2:04
  15. Well Done Idles 2:57
  16. J.O.S. Days The Nits 3:13
  17. Roy's Keen Morrissey 3:37
  18. Chantal Equipe de Foot 3:15
  19. You'll Never Walk Alone Gerry And The Pacemarkers 2:37
  20. Santa Maradona (Lachourma Football Club) Mano Negra 3:16
  21. Thank You France for Eric Cantona (Bonus Track) Raymond Bizarre 3:22


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Pour coller à l’actualité footballistique, Beb de la Tous en Tong team a déterré cette playlist à la gloire du ballon rond restée en jachère.

Avec Parquet Courts, Joe Strummer, The Fall, Sham 69, The Fratellis, The Business, The Wedding Present, Vanilla Muffins, James, The Lillies, The Undertones, Billy Bragg, Italia 90, Justine, Idles, The Nits, Morrissey, Equipe de Foot, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Mano Negra, Raymond Bizarre.


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