American Punk-Rock (2000-2005)

  1. Sore Losers Bigwig 2:17
  2. Going Home Goldfinger 1:36
  3. You're Stupid I Hate You Straight Outta Junior High 1:49
  4. Warbrain Alkaline Trio 2:28
  5. Stickin In My Eye Rancid 1:50
  6. 1997 Pistol Grip 2:57
  7. Version 2.0 Staring Back 3:08
  8. False Hope The Unseen 2:07
  9. Nintendo 89 Audio Karate 3:38
  10. Just Rock and Roll Midtown 3:06
  11. On with the Show The Lawrence Arms 1:20
  12. Yer Country US Bombs 2:16
  13. The Separation Of Church And Skate NOFX 3:10
  14. Come With Me Deviates 2:58
  15. Infrared Strike Anywhere 3:29
  16. We'll Say Anything We Want Hot Water Music 2:50
  17. Retiring A Wilhelm Scream 2:11
  18. Dead American Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards 2:06
  19. Safe In Sound Small Brown Bike 2:59
  20. Heaven Knows Rise Against 3:23
  21. Fell in Love Once Reno Divorce 2:50
  22. Panic Osker 2:22
  23. Burning in the Aftermath The Suicide Machines 1:36
  24. Two Years Welt 2:27
  25. 43210-1 The Vandals
  26. Dinner's For Suckers None More Black 1:49
  27. Forget To Learn Choke 2:41
  28. All Rise For The Rational Anthem. Dillinger Four 2:15
  29. Above Me Rufio 3:12
  30. Fall Of The All American Nerve Agents, The 1:17
  31. Can't Stop It Bad Religion 1:10
  32. Bleed American Jimmy Eat World 3:02


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« A la fin du siècle dernier, l’âge d’or du punk-rock mélodique touche à sa fin. Les groupes ricains hésitent entre saupoudrer leur punk de hardcore, d’emo, de pop ou de heavy rock, pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Tout d’horizon (du meilleur… ou au moins du moins pire) par François Tong ».

Avec Bigwig, Goldfinger, Straight Outta Junior High, Alkaline Trio, Rancid, Pistol Grip, Staring Back, The Unseen, Audio Karate, Midtown, The Lawrence Arms, US Bombs, Strike Anywhere, NOFX, Deviates, Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, Small Brown Bike, Rise Against, Reno Divorce, Osker, Suicide Machines, Welt, The Vandals, None More Black, Choke, Dillinger Four, Rufio, The Nerve Agents, Bad Religion, Jimmy Eat World.


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