Episode 4

Fontanarosa // Would You Need Me For
Liam Kenny // Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
Nathan Roche // Flat Tyre Velib
Constant Mongrel // Choked
Meat Thump // Poetry Reading On Boundary Street
The Terminals // Batwing
Julien Papen // Psychological Stress
Syndrome 81 // Dans les Rues la Nuit
Hooper Crescent // Logos
The Kiwi Animal // Time Of The Leaves
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes // Alpes 1
The Fall // The Man Whose Head Expanded
French Vanilla // Mother’s Love
Clamm // Beseech Me
Vintage Crop // Tension
Rays// Theatre Of Lunacy
Charlie Megira // Failure In Love
The Bibs // Slow Curves
Honey Radar // Telephone Betty’s Aneurysm
Yung Wu // Eternal Ice
Home Blitz // What We Wore
The Steppes // God’s Got Religion
The Ex // A Sense Of Tumour
Violent Quand On Aime // Of Course I’m a Liar
Liiek // One Two
Again Again // Self Employed

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