Episode 6

Victime//Mon VR de rêve
Squid//Liquid Light
Ellah A Thaun//Love Parts
Athletico//It’s On You
The Shifters//Left Bereft
Os Noctambulos//Nowhere
XV//Shut Up I’m Bald
Galaxie 500//Submission ( Peel Sessions)
Permits//It Takes A Long Time (To Be Free Of Society)
Lovers Suicide//In Loving Memory
Stereolab//We’re Not Adult Orientated
Die Wilde Jagd//Stangentanz
Hélène Barbier//Where Is The Dog?
Sacred Product//Special Zero
The Fall//Hard Life In Country
Twisted Nerve//Seance
The Liquidators//Waving Goodbye
Comfort//Work Through Fault
Ike Yard//Night After Night
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks//Orphans
Low Life//Catholic Guilt
Parking Lot//Nachtkrab Comes!
The Victims//I Understand
Astute Palate//No Queen
Lewsberg//Left Turn
Pop Crimes//Don’t Look Back
The Snogs//Knock Knock!
St Helens//Don’t Laugh
Teenage Fanclub//Everything Flows
Tally Oh!//Your Sister
Blanketman//Sick & Tired
S!ck//Eyes Watching

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