1. Risk J.E. Sunde 4:04
  2. Voices Sturgill Simpson 2:47
  3. Althea Grateful Dead 6:53
  4. It's Alright The Mystery Lights 2:51
  5. -h-o-u-s-e-k-e-y-z- Field Medic
  6. Opaline Jeff Tweedy
  7. Country Death Song Violent Femmes 5:02
  8. Miles Away The Honeydogs 4:14
  9. How Lucky (feat. John Prine) Kurt Vile 3:23
  10. There Will Be A Reckoning Billy Bragg 3:31
  11. Stupid Boy Gear Daddies 3:34
  12. Pat Do This, Pat Do That Sam Amidon 3:21
  13. Locust Black Lips 2:39
  14. This Forgotten Town The Jayhawks
  15. Take me Karen Dalton 4:41
  16. Flowers in the Spring The Molochs 4:09
  17. Ohio Damien Jurado 3:42

Vers les Grands Espaces – Vol.5

Avec J.E Sunde, Sturgill Simpson, Grateful Dead, The Mystery Lights, Field Medic, Jeff Tweedy, Violent Femmes, The Honeydogs, Kurt Vile & John Prine, Billy Bragg, Gear Daddies, Sam Amidon, The Jayhawks, Karen Dalton, The Molochs, Damien Jurado.

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