1. I Go To Sleep Anika 3:22
  2. Mind Your Own Business Delta 5 3:13
  3. I'm Alive The Hives
  4. Tough Enough Ex Hex
  5. Hand It Over The World 3:23
  6. What I Learned from Righteous Cowboys Character Actor 0:57
  7. Dear Angelo Neighborhood Brats 2:22
  8. Don't Come Back Pearl Harbor & The Explosions 3:35
  9. Postmodernism Has Won This Time The Robocop Kraus 3:11
  10. Stand By Your Manatee Future Of The Left 2:09

Avec Anika, Delta 5, The Hives, Ex Hex, The World, Character Actor, Neighborhood Brats, Pearl Harbor & The Explosions, The Robocop Kraus, Future of the Left.

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