Bizarreries étranges, exploration sonore sans restrictions comportant toujours une pépite des Fall.
Par Viktor der Panini pour J’écoute Sardou dans le Noir et A Certain Radio.

The Syprals / Eyes Filled With God
Holy Wave / Habibi (Levitation Session)
The Girls / Fresco Lounge
UV Race / Bad News
Low Life / Still Here
Germ House / On The Outs
Shark Toys / No Escape
Baby Jesus / No Reason At All
The Scientist / The Time Has Come
Nexda / Untitled (Studio 12 / CO3 7″)
Geo / Footloose
Bleu Nuit / Le Ruban Magnétique
Orion / Sexy Alien
Nightshift / Flat Earther
The Pheromoans / The Lister
Gong / Hip Hypnotise You
The Offset: Spectacles / Back In The Hole
Warmduscher / Roger’s Gills
David Chesworth / The Search
Loop / Fade Out
Sei Still / Hombre Animal
The Fall / L.A (Peel Sessions)
Warm Swords / Sucked In Herself
Thick Pigeon / Troglodytes
Young Marble Giants / The Man Amplifier
Broadcast / Pendulum
Theoreme / Les Gifles Du Parietal
Warum Joe / Datcha (Unterseeboot Demo)
Big Supermarket / Welcome
Blind Owl Wilson / Nebulosity

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