Episode 7

Dernier épisode de l’année 2020 // Last show from 2020 :

Mazzy Star / So Tonight That I Might See
Peel Dream Magazine / Nyc Illuminati
Sad Eyed Beatniks / West Portal
Crystal Stilts /The Dazzled
Frankie Traandruppel /No Longer There
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti / She’s Gone (The Dovers)
The Umbrellas / Visions
Bruise Linear/ What’s In My Bag ?
Subtle Turnhips / Gordon
The Pheromoans / Grab A Chair
The Fall / No Xmas For John Quays (Peel Sessions)
Bisou de Saddam / Black Out
Trees Speak / Soul Sequencer
Fleur / Mon ami Martien
Performing Ferret Band / The rush
Technique Niquée /C’est Tout
Total Control /Flesh War
Optic Sink / Girls in Gray
Cindy Lee / One Second To Toe The Line
Flaming Tunes / Golden Age
Beak>/ Yatton
Red Buckets / Palm Sunday
Dispo / Motivation
Destruction Unit / Control The Light
Normil Hawaiins /British Warm

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