Gravity Won’t Get You High #1 – par Trevor Reveur

Une playlist avec que des filles au micro. C’est parfois énervé, parfois mélancolique, planant ou saturé, un peu des quatre à la fois. C’est un été imaginaire en Australie, entre l’outback caniculaire et les nuits moites et alcoolisées de Melbourne.

Avec Theredsunband, Tropical Fuck Storm and Amy Taylor (Amyl And The Sniffers), HTRK, Magic Dirt, Stonefield, Lowtide, Ninetynine, The Clouds, The Cannanes, Bridezilla, Even As We Speak, Teenage Joans, Good Heavens, The Grates, Love Of Diagrams, Howling Bells, Camp Code, Tired Lion, Tinpan Orange, Girl Monstar, Love Outside Andromeda, Moler and Marie Hoy, Spdfgh, Teeth And Tongue, Art Of Fighting, Astrid Munday, Marie Hoy & Friends

  1. Ghosts Theredsunband 3:55
  2. This Perfect Day (feat. Amy Taylor) Tropical Fuck Storm 2:11
  3. Ha HTRK 5:10
  4. White Boy Magic Dirt 5:24
  5. Dream Stonefield 3:41
  6. Blue Movie Lowtide 4:56
  7. Highway delights ninetynine 4:34
  8. Float on Air The Clouds 3:25
  9. Frightening Thing The Cannanes 3:03
  10. Queen Of Hearts Bridezilla 2:57
  11. Bizarre Love Triangle Even as we speak 1:57
  12. By the Way Teenage Joans 2:51
  13. It's Not Easy Being Mean Good Heavens 2:34
  14. Feels Like Pain The Grates 2:59
  15. The Pyramid Love Of Diagrams 2:56
  16. Into the Chaos Howling Bells 3:14
  17. The Opener Camp Cope 3:40
  18. ~Cya Later~ Tired Lion 3:20
  19. Ordinary Lives Tinpan Orange 3:34
  20. Surfing on a Wave of Love Girl Monstar 2:48
  21. Tongue Like a Tether Love Outside Andromeda 3:28
  22. Invite Me to Your Party Moler 4:43
  23. Lost The Urge Spdfgh 2:55
  24. The Party Is You Teeth & Tongue 4:21
  25. One And Eighty Twenty 9:09
  26. Sweet Melancholia Astrid Munday 3:42
  27. Shivers Marie Hoy & Friends 4:06

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